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Donut Bag Clip

Donut Bag Clip

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Weight: 6.1 oz

Material: Beach wood & walnut wood



Say hello to our Donut Bag Clip—a friendly and modern solution for all your snack and coffee bag sealing needs. These clips are crafted from sustainable beach and walnut wood, ensuring a natural and eco-friendly touch without any coatings.

Not only are they perfect for sealing snack bags and coffee bags, but they're also versatile enough to be used in the fridge or freezer. Their durability and functionality are matched only by their commitment to sustainability.

While these clips are tough, be sure not to leave them soaking in water, as they can absorb moisture and potentially crack. Unlike most plastic alternatives that easily break and harm the environment, our Donut Bag Clip is fully compostable and vegan, providing you with a guilt-free and eco-conscious way to keep your snacks and coffee fresh. Make the switch from plastic to sustainable with our Donut Bag Clip and enjoy a greener, more eco-friendly approach to your everyday routine.

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