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Incense Sticks Collection

Incense Sticks Collection

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Product Details

Quantity: Pack of 15

Height: 11″

Diameter: 0.13″

Burn time: 1 hour per stick


Introducing our Incense Sticks Collection, where age-old tradition meets modern relaxation. For generations, scented incense sticks have graced rituals and meditations, and today, they offer a hassle-free way to infuse your space with soothing scents.

Watch in awe as each lightly scented incense stick transforms into a glowing red ember, releasing a rhythmic tendril of smoke that dances gracefully through the air. Crafted with a charcoal base, these incense sticks provide approximately 1 hour of burn time per stick, allowing you to effortlessly set the perfect mood in your space.

Seagrass Scent: Transport yourself to the serene seaside with notes that evoke the coastal breeze. Top notes of aldehydes, pineapple, basil, thyme, citrus, marine, rosemary, and sage lead to a heart of sea salt, green foliage, cedar leaf, floral, and camphor, all anchored by a base of tonka bean, vanilla musks, woody, and oak moss. Let the soothing aroma of Seagrass wash over you, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Sandalwood Rose Scent: Unwind in the delicate embrace of Sandalwood Rose. It begins with top notes that are green, leafy, and winey, leading to a heart of rose, guaiac wood, and balsam, and settling into a warm base of cedar, amber, vanilla, and musk. This enchanting fragrance sets the stage for moments of relaxation and reflection.

Enhance your space with our Incense Sticks Collection. Whether you're seeking tranquility, inspiration, or simply a soothing atmosphere, our incense sticks are your path to serenity.


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