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XL Dryer Balls (6 Pack)

XL Dryer Balls (6 Pack)

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Weight: 11.5 oz

Material: New zealand wool


Meet our XL Dryer Balls—a friendly and modern laundry solution that's as practical as it is eco-conscious. This set includes six X-Large dryer balls, all meticulously handmade with 100% New Zealand Wool. They arrive in a charming hand-printed cotton bag, adding a touch of flair to your laundry routine.

Our XL Dryer Balls are here to revolutionize your laundry experience. As they bounce around in the dryer, they work their magic by separating your laundry, promoting better air circulation, and effectively absorbing moisture. The result? A 15-30% reduction in drying time, which not only saves you energy but also leaves your laundry perfectly dry and ready to wear.

But that's not all—these wool dryer balls also serve as a natural fabric softener, infusing your clothes with a gentle touch of softness while reducing static. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly laundry solution.

Upgrade your laundry game with our XL Dryer Balls and experience the joy of efficient, energy-saving, and eco-conscious drying. It's the modern way to make laundry day a breeze while contributing to a greener world.

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