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Self-drying Soap Dish

Self-drying Soap Dish

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Product Details

Weight: 9.3 oz

Material: Diatomite (fossilized algae, hence plant-based)


Introducing our friendly and modern Self-Drying Soap Dish—an innovative solution for a clutter-free and hygienic kitchen and bathroom. Say goodbye to water accumulation and frequent clean-ups with this quick-drying essential.

Our self-drying soap dish is designed to absorb water efficiently, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen and bathroom counters. No more worrying about soap residue and wet surfaces. The soap tray's finish, reminiscent of concrete, boasts cleverly designed draining holes and pathways that ensure your soap and shampoo bars dry effectively.

Enjoy the convenience of a clean and dry countertop or bathtub ledge, free from the hassles of soap buildup. Elevate your space with our Self-Drying Soap Dish, the modern way to keep your soap and shampoo bars fresh while maintaining a tidy and organized environment.

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